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Purified Water for Amarillo, TX

Water Still's ultra premium water is Amarillo's clear choice for drinking and using in your home, office or business. Our primary process to purify our water is called "Ultra Premium Vapor Distillation." Distillation kills bacteria and viruses, removes complex chemicals, heavy inorganic substances, pesticides, chlorine, fluorides, just to name a few. Distilled water is the only water free from all impurities.

At Water Still, you can refill your own bottles or select from our vast selection of bottles to suit your needs. We offer bottles that fit on a cooler or crock, refrigerator bottles or bottles with valves to sit on your counter or on a stand.
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Water Dispensers Amarillo, TX

We also have bottled water coolers and crocks available to purchase. Water Still offers 3 choices of ice made with our ultra premium water; cubed, nugget, and crushed. Water Still has bottled water filled and ready to go, by the case or cold singles, any size from 1 gallon, 1 liter, or 1/2 liter.

Try our premium iced tea!

Finally you can't go without a famous Water Still tea made with our ultra premium water and ice. Water Still premium iced tea is brewed by our own proprietary brewing process, which provides a superior tea flavor that can't be duplicated or copied. Try one of our delicious flavors today, 20 flavor choices in sweet or un-sweet varieties.
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Drinking 8 - 8oz Glasses of water per day for optimum health is recommended.  
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